Some Fine TV Podcast

A podcast about some of the fine television available to us today. 2.0

We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

Conflate - Easy Application Configuration

Simply load YAML contents into the Rails config object.

OK Computer - Application Health Check for Rails

Inspired by Fitter Happier, but wanting greater flexibility, I built OK Computer to easily monitor various aspects of our applications' health.

Simple SCM Service Gem

A command-line tool to easily manage lots of repositories.


I built so I never have to scramble to figure out when, for example, Thanksgiving occurs next. If anyone else gets any good out of it, all the better.

IsWhen iPhone App

An iOS app to display the contents of

Cron Checker

Quickly get plain-English explanations of your `cron` statements. is my personal site, which you're looking at right now