Hi there. I'm Patrick Byrne. But I guess you knew that already.

I make web applications and tools to make that process a bit easier. You can see [all sorts of things I've done](/projects/). I care about the craft of creating software and how we can improve people's lives in small ways with accessible, easy-to-use tools.

I live in the Twin Cities with my lovely wife. I'm originally from Iowa. I like to cook. I mainly use Macintosh computers, because I care about the quality of my tools.

I've had a fairly varied career, winding through technical support, technical writing and editing, and managing the web stores for a [major software company](, then discovered my passion for designing and creating software for [a wonderful local search company]( and later [its parent company]( I spent a few years with [an amazing team]( making [online tools for youth sports organizations]( Now I'm working with [a tiny team]( building [a kick-ass social network]( for the world's best designers.

Additional boring details are available on [my resume](/files/resume.pdf).