Following in the tradition of 2013’s year-end post, I want to spend a little bit of time as 2014 has wound to a close to reflect on what’s gone well and the amazing people in my life I have to thank for it.

As with last year, first on this list (of course) is my wife Angela. Her patience and selflessness regarding our new son continue to humble me. Her strength and determination inspire me. Thank you.

Next on the list has to be my brand-new son, Henry. Everything this year has been about handling the shocking change of growing from a family of two to a family of three, and now that he’s here it’s been worth it. His smiles, his giggles, the way he grips my finger while I’m feeding him, his sigh as he falls asleep on my chest all help make what was already a good year into a great year. Thank you for your patience while I figure out how the hell to be a father.

Also deserving of thanks are Dan and Rich (and the rest of the Dribbble team). This continues to be the best job I’ve ever had. The work is interesting, our customers outstanding, and I’ve had so many opportunities at Dribbble to interact with people whose work has inspired me throughout my career. Beyond the work, I have never worked with a more interesting and fun and supportive group of people. Their support and advice during Angela’s pregnancy and after Henry was born are a large part of why things are going so well at home.

Beyond the help and support and advice from my coworkers has been that of our friends. I especially want to call out Mike & Sara, Sam & Tess, and Lisa & Todd for everything they’ve done for us. From advice to hand-me-down clothes to lending an ear as we struggled with a screaming baby, thank you for everything.

The helping hands continue with our parents Ken & Ev and Robin, who have been bugging Angela and me to give them a grandchild since literally minutes after our wedding. Their unconditional love and support through this year have been immeasurably helpful. Beyond our parents, siblings and cousins and grandparents have each done their share of getting us to where we are today. Thank you all.

Thanks also Mike and Casey for letting me speak at the NodeMN and RUM meetups. Public speaking scares the shit out of me, and their acceptance and encouragement make a hard thing easier.

Thanks especially to Mike and Anna for their encouragement on my most recent talk, “Fear & Failure”. Writing (and ultimately giving) that talk was just as much a therapy session for myself as it was an opportunity to practice my public speaking and to share ideas. Thank you to Sharon for your wonderful talk “What Stuttering Taught Me About Marketing” at the Madison+ Ruby conference which gave me the initial seed for this talk.

One more thanks to both Angela and Henry. I simply cannot express how much joy you bring into my life.

2014 was somehow even better than 2013 for me and Angela and Henry and many of my friends and family. But for many others, it was less great. While the world is full of amazing, it is also full of bullshit. My sincere hope for 2015 is that it’s a bit more amazing and a bit less bullshit. Let’s see what we can do about that.

I know that I’ve missed some very important people in this list, either in the interest of brevity or in a lack of thoughtfulness. I apologize to any who expect to see their names in this list but don’t. Know that I am thankful in my heart even if I forget to mention you specifically.

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