Git for Normals


Why Did I Make This?

I was asked to perform some training for our designers, introducing them to Git. I’ve given this presentation a few more times to other non-technical members of the company. Unlike Enhanced Ass-Kicking with Git, where I dealt with more advanced configuration and tailoring Git to fit to you, I focused here on the theory behind version control, the terminology used with Git, and the mechanical commands you use to interact with it.

What Did I Learn?

I learned that explaining version control systems to non-technical people is challenging. I believe the training was successful, though, because the questions I tend to get after this training aren’t about how to work with Git.

I didn’t learn much techincally, because this was simply re-implementing the presentation software I used in Enhanced Ass-Kicking. I felt the pain of copying and pasting template code, but solving that (with something like Jekyll) will have to wait.

Posted 2012-05-11 in Presentations.