Knowing is Half the Battle


Why Did I Make This?

We recently started dabbling in using StatsD and Graphite to capture metrics not already being captured by New Relic and other monitoring that we use. Specifically, we wanted data very much bound up in the business logic of the application, to use for decision-making going forward on where to focus development, to validate (or refute) assumptions we’ve made about our users’ behavior, and to measure success of changes we make to the application.

To that end, I wanted to bring the rest of the development team up-to-speed on the tools to get them thinking about what we could measure to help us do our jobs.

What Did I Learn?

This presentation was less-code heavy than the others that I’ve given, and fit more closely the traditional narrative style of successful presentations (like at conferences and such). This was the first presentation I’ve given at work that an appreciable fraction of the slides don’t make sense out of the context of me talking.

I don’t know how I feel about this, to be honest.

Posted 2013-02-28 in Presentations.