NPM for Fun and Profit

Why Did I Do This?

After attending the Madison Ruby Conference, I was inspired to start stretching myself and begin speaking at local events. I feel confident that my knowledge and experience working in this field for a number of years could be useful to people, and exposing myself in this way probably can’t hurt my reputation either.

This presentation started with a Ruby focus (being the primary language I work in) writing about Ruby Gems. Knowing the people behind the Node MN meetup, I was able to easily tailor the talk to their language, because I was covering more-or-less universal truths.

What Did I Learn?

I learned that no matter how much preparation you do, it’s still scary to speak in front of strangers.

I also learned that practicing the presentation by sitting at my desk and looking at my slides isn’t enough, because it doesn’t prepare you for standing at the front of the room looking at 30–40 faces. I had absolutely no clue what to do with my hands, so I ended up flailing them around my body like a nut. Lesson learned.

I put some tight constraints on myself with regards to my slide design. I wanted the slides to emphasize what I was saying rather than spell it out and have me read from the screen. I think this was largely successful, but has the negative impact that the slides are more-or-less meaningless separate from me speaking, so I can’t direct people to them who may have not been in attendance to learn what I had to say, like I could with some other presentations I’ve given.

That said, I’ve posted the slides to my site.

Posted 2013-09-10 in Presentations.