Some Fine TV Podcast

A podcast about some of the fine television available to us today. 2.0

We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

Conflate - Easy Application Configuration

Simply load YAML contents into the Rails config object.

OK Computer - Application Health Check for Rails

Inspired by Fitter Happier, but wanting greater flexibility, I built OK Computer to easily monitor various aspects of our applications' health.

Simple SCM Service Gem

A command-line tool to easily manage lots of repositories.

IsWhen iPhone App

An iOS app to display the contents of


I built so I never have to scramble to figure out when, for example, Thanksgiving occurs next. If anyone else gets any good out of it, all the better.

Cron Checker

Quickly get plain-English explanations of your `cron` statements. is my personal site, which you're looking at right now