IsWhen iPhone App

Technologies: iOS, XML API, Xcode

Why Did I Make This?

I built the IsWhen iPhone App for a couple reasons:

What Did I Learn?

I learned quite a bit. The most significant being that I had never worked with a compiled language before this project. Up until this point, I’d dabbled in PHP and ASP, but most of my work was in Ruby. The constraints and changes in behavior to using Objective-C were off-putting at first, but I can appreciate why the language works as it does. Even with this appreciation, I have no love for it, and long for handhelds to become powerful enough that some future version of Ruby (or even, God forbid, Python).

Also, this was my first app which provided feedback directly to me through a Contact Me button in the application. I expected to receive comments and criticism through this button, but have been shocked that 100% of the feedback has been asking for additional events and holidays to be added to the application. Anyone who uses this application has these users to thank for well over half of the events.

On the TODO list this year is to update the iPhone application for iOS 5, using many of the convenience classes that have been added since iPhone OS 2.1, which this application was originally built with.

Posted 2011-12-20 in Projects.