Technologies: rails, ruby

Why Did I Make This?

I built so I never have to scramble to figure out when, for example, Thanksgiving occurs next. If anyone else gets any good out of it, all the better.

This necessitated lots of digging around the internet for dates of irregular events and holidays. I hope everything’s accurate.

This information is also available through my [iPhone app]( This app is no longer available in the App Store. ## What Did I Learn? This application has gone through several iterations, starting with a PHP implementation and then followed by Ruby on Rails. If memory serves, this is the first application I worked on outside of work which I finished. This involved quite a bit of education on server setup and maintenance, DNS setup, and the like. If I learned nothing else, is that a career in Operations is not in my future. I am confident that I actually finished this project **because** I created this site to serve my own needs. You read about scratching your own itch, and I learned that it helps keep you driven and focused on the problem at hand. Also, this project taught me to start small. I could have created a complex CMS backend for managing recurring events or added tons of bells and whistles. Keeping the project simple is the other main reason that I completed it, I'm sure.

Posted 2011-12-20 in Projects.